Time for some new thoughts…

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Durga Puja, the most awaited festival in the life of the bengalis’, is almost over now…but still our heart and mind both craves to get involved in the exulted colours of this festival…it rejuvenates our mind, revitalise our souls and enliven our spirits.

Its the best time to reconnect with our friends and relatives and reciprocate our plethora of stories…its time now again to indulge ourselves in our tedious schedules but with lots of positive feeling :)


What purpose do friends serve in life

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  A close one may say,I am always with you in all your trouble but a friend will say, you will not have any trouble when I am with you. Like the vibrant colours of the rainbow friends add colours to our life. Friends are like the green hills by the side of dusty road of  life.Friendship does not depend on family or blood relationship, it is neither a commercial bond decided by profit or loss. Friendship only demand a mutual affinity of spirit. Friends are a necessity but never a compulsion.Friends walk into our life when the rest of the world walks out. Friends turn our tears into specks of laughter. They provide us shoulder to cry on. They provide us tough competition which helps us to fetch a brilliant future.In short we may say that:forgetting friends is crime,Ignoring them is shame,Liking them is pleasure,and thiking about them is 100% necessity.


cartoons in inkscape

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cutie fairy on inkscape

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colour sketch

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ma durga

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Icon drawing

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Wings through inkscape

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Blue flame through inkscape

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